Questions about & experiences with Foursquare….

Foursquare is an application for your iPhone, iTouch, Smartphone, Android, and computer that lets you “log in” at your current location (the store, the restaurant, the gas station, ect…). I have noticed that more and more people are downloading and using this app, as have I. My experience with Foursquare was good, it was even fun for a while going to a location and checking to see who was there and logging on to see where my friends were logged in. My only issue was that when I really never thought anything of the danger of letting people know where you are.

1) By knowing where you are, you alert people that you aren’t home. Now, knowing that you are only broadcasting to your “friends” on facebook you should feel safe about that, right? Well, don’t forget that ANYONE on Foursquare can see you. Do NOT register your home as a location! I have seen people that DO and then log in when they are out, leaving their home an open target.

2) My bad experience: I went to Chuck E Cheese with my kids and logged in. Minutes later the manager came over to me and asked for me by name. She said there was a phone call for me. The manager accidentally hung up on the caller so I never found out who it was, only that their name was Brian which is not the name of anyone I know. This experience made me stop using the application. I got scared for me and my boys, knowing that I was there alone with my children, without my husband.

My questions for you:

Do you use Foursquare? Do you think about the safety of it and the fact that it is open to public access? Have you done anything to protect yourself from something like this?

I’ve gone onto Foursquare to look at the privacy facts and settings but in all reality they can see you because you are posting that you are there & want to be seen. A double-edged sword I suppose?

What are your thoughts?

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One Response to Questions about & experiences with Foursquare….

  1. Veronica says:

    Wow, that’s scary. That was my very reason for not signing up for that, just so glad u put that out there for people who may not think of the big picture of who can access that info.

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