Just got a “Talkatoo”!

Once in a while I get a really cool product that I feel that I just have to share with other

parents that might have a need for something like this.  I know from experience with my kids that there have been times when they each struggled with separation anxiety.  My toddler is now going through some anxiety when I take him to a child care center at the gym that I go to.  While surfing on the internet I found the PERFECT solution to help with his anxiety!

The “Talkatoo”.

This little palm-sized “charm” lets you record your voice for 30 seconds and then clip it or wear it on a necklace for your child to listen to at any time.  There is a really handy little “lock” so your child can’t record over your voice, too.  For me it will solve the anxiety in my son and he can hear me whenever he feels worried that I’m not coming back for him.  BUT, it can also be used just to send a loving little message, like the ones I used to get from my mom in my lunchbox written on my napkin.  I can see so many possibilities for this!

My experience with it so far is not what I expected.  I took it out, showed my two year old son, recorded my voice and waited for a reaction……..and NOTHING!  Then I got a novel idea, record his big brother’s voice.  Yep!  That was it!  That was the jackpot with the big payoff!  He loved it and was literally squealing with joy!  I have attached the video of his excitement & FYI, “FIFI” is what he calls his brother (Ethan).

It is really nice because you are not limited to recording once and you don’t have to open

it up to re-record a new message.  They come in a cute little package too, great for giving as a gift and if you have it sent directly to the recipient you don’t have to worry because it is packed in colorful tissue paper so it looks “gifty.”

There are many different styles and each style you can choose it as a clip or a necklace.  I

personally chose a clip because I worry about putting a necklace on him and a clip can be attached virtually anywhere.

Check out the “Talkatoo” website here, and, visit the Facebook page here, too!

Thanks to “Talkatoo” I have one to offer to YOU, my readers.  I will be posting a contest for it next week!

I am hoping for some feedback from you, what do you think?  Have you heard of these?  Have you seen anything like it?  I am really excited about it!  Can you tell?

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