It occurs to me that some of my best friends in high school were only fleeting in the scheme of things.  While I look back at how much love I had for some of them I realize that they were only in my life for the matter of a year or two and yet they had a profound impact on me.  I realize now how fast a year goes.  I didn’t then.

Days seemed endless as a kid.  Then, when you get older it seems to speed up.  I’ve found that with each rite of passage life speeds up.  When I got married life seemed to be going at a leisurely pace.  I enjoyed the changing of seasons and noticed the passing of every month.  After having my first son time passed so slowly and milestones seemed to take so much time to get to.  Now, having had my youngest child days turn into weeks, milestones are coming too fast, and kindergarten will be here before I notice it.  Seasons go by with no notice, except for celebration of the holidays which always seem to spring up all too fast.

I don’t want time to continue to speed up, but I know inevitably it will…. and soon I will look back at my grandchildren and wish for my youth again.

I think ultimately what I am saying is I need to stop and smell the roses.

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