SO not ready for this…..a personal blog.

Last night my family attended a party at a friends house.  When our oldest son was in pre-school he was in love with their little girl, and her feelings were mutual.  Since then he lost interest in girls and they both went their separate paths but we all remain friends and see each other several times a year.  Until last night.

Last night I witnessed, with my own eyes, the beginning of (pre-)teenage drama.  Boys and girls, each in their perspective groups, gossiping about who likes who.  Girls asking friends to ask boys “if they want to ‘date'” (as if it isn’t a little premature for a ten year old to be talking about dates!).  Boys were busy being boys, while trying to avoid girls.

My friend, the mother of the girl who is flirting with my son mentioned that we should “save money for the wedding.”

I am SO not ready for this.

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