I found my new favorite restaurant!

Ok folks, say it with me:


Contemporary Asian Cuisine & Sushi Buffet

Ok, so, let me start by saying that you don’t need to love sushi but for me, this is the big draw to the restaurant.  First, for those of you that do like sushi, Noboru offers sashimi, many raw fish salads (which I don’t even know the names of)  –lots and lots of SUSHI!  If you visit their website or facebook pages you can see many photos of their extensive choices.

Now, for those of you that do not eat sushi (I know, there are a lot of you) don’t be scared away!  Noboru has plenty more to offer for you!  They have steak, short ribs, and many other “typical” asian offerings (ie: Fried Rice, General Tso’s Chicken, Lo Mein, and so much more).  They also have a small amount of american food like french fries and chicken nuggets, I suppose these are for the kiddos (my toddler was happy to eat them in addition to consuming MANY spring rolls).

Noboru also offers other unique food experiences which include several choices of “hot pots” with different ingredients and they offer a mongolian stir fry station where you pick out your ingredients and they cook it for you.  There are also interesting (and delicious) side salads like celery chicken salad, mushroom salad, and other interesting & unique sides.  With so many options I ended up taking a bite-sized scoop of many items and then went back for the ones I loved.

So…. so far I’ve told you WHAT they offer, but I haven’t told you how GOOD it is!  Often, I find that buffets make up for their cost by serving less than the best quality, but this is absolutely not the case at Noboru.  I am a big fan (and somewhat picky about) salmon sushi and I was thrilled that the quality was even better than the typical sushi restaurants around.  They do not skimp on quality and the food is delicious.  Not only do they not skimp on quality, they never run out!  We never had to wait until something was replenished.  I was a little shy about getting a “hot pot” but my son was brave and picked one out which we all shared and enjoyed.  If you go, be brave and at least try the one with rice.

I also want to mention that this is a bit more of an upscale dining experience but is still around the same price as a typical quality sushi buffet (NOT the same as a buffet that also serves sushi, that’s a cheapened version of a sushi buffet).

The restaurant was hosting a party in a blocked off area that was semi-private, but they also have a small reception room that seats about 50 guests for private parties.  In talking with someone working at the restaurant I learned that they also offer a projector and screen for the guests to project a slide show for the guests.  This is great for a party or a corporate event.

I also want to mention that they are having a special over July 4th weekend where you get a LOBSTER with each meal, INCLUDED in the regular price!  Yep, you heard that right!  A lobster!

~Bon Appetit!~


1)  I was in no way paid for this and it is not an advertisement.  I am just a customer who enjoyed herself and want to spread the word.

2) Noboru is NOT in Bucks County which I typically blog about, but this was so good I had to share!  At the bottom is a map to show the exact location of the restaurant (near Montgomeryville Mall).

3) If you go, please ask for Jamie (or tell your server) where you heard about them!  I was told that they don’t advertise to our area because it is “too far” and I want them to know it isn’t a lost cause.  (I wish I had heard about them before, they have been open for well over a year).

4) There are coupons available at http://www.couponclipper.com to save a few bucks (as of the time this was written).

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