A funny thing about Sesame Place….

I decided to get Sesame Place passes for our family again this summer.

My kids are 3 and 10 (almost 11) and I was really on the fence about it.  Buying four season passes adds up quickly and I wasn’t sure if my older son would still enjoy it (he does)!  Of COURSE my oldest has to have the “ride again” privilege on his pass (the most expensive season pass) and honestly, I didn’t argue because it is SO worth the cost when you consider the convenience of parking in the preferred lot.  I’ve never parked further than the third row and we even know the parking lot gate guy by name, and the nickname I made up (the “Pin Guy”) which he seems to enjoy.

We have been there many times this summer and I have to say…..EVERY time I am there I am tickled by the parents.  I REALLY think that the parents enjoy it as much as the kids.  I know I DO, but I suspect that most parents who say they are doing it for their kids are really enjoying it as much as their kids.

Adults are reliving their childhood and you can see them hoping that their kids will be as excited as they are.

On one visit we went to the Abby Cadaby show and when the familiar songs that we all know and love came on, the parents were all singing them.  Not a few here and there, nearly EVERYONE!  This kind of thing really pulls at my heart strings.  Seeing people unite over something like a children’s television show (or a sporting event, concert, or other big event) and watching people suspend reality creates such a powerful and emotional feeling in me, and I suspect it does for others, too.  I got a little choked up looking around the audience and seeing the majority of the parents singing along happily, not for their kids benefit, for their own pleasure.

In my opinion, that is an important quality that people need to show their kids….playfulness.  I guess that’s why I love theme parks because you definitely see a lot of playful people there who are willing to suspend reality and be a kid again.

On a side note, some pointers for people that are going to Sesame Place this summer…..

  • The best view of the parade is where the blue ground meets the street.
  • All fireworks are done from the VIP lot, so the best location is at the front of the park. You can leave the park to sit on the sidewalk in front of the ticket booths for a good view.
  • The season passes are a pretty good deal, you get your money’s worth by going 3-4 times (especially if you use your pass for the 30% off food and stores, which we do).
  • They just started a deal on the carnival type games where you get $38 worth of games for only $20 (one of each game except for 2 of the games they offer).  Pretty good deal.
  • Do the sand area near Ernie’s Water works BEFORE the kids get wet.  I know my kid is annoyed by being sandy which is pretty easy to avoid if he is dry when playing there.  You can also bring baby powder to help get the sand off.  Works like a charm!
  • IF you have a Big Bird or Super Grover season pass, go about 20 minutes before the parade to the area where the parade starts (the front of the park, check a map)….there is a walk-in area with an employee checking your passes.  You can get in line and go in for a (somewhat) private meet and greet and EVERY CHARACTER shows up for it!  They come out 2 or 3 at a time until they are ALL there.  Great for the kids because there are not that many people there.  Perfect for  fantastic photo opportunities and one on one time with the characters!
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