My makeover……

I recently won the “Mom of the Season” which was a contest held by Mama’s Lil Guide last month.  The contest was an essay contest which asked readers to write about their amazing journey as a mother.  I wrote a three page essay about my journey thus far with my kids and what I have learned and amazingly enough, I won! Sharon, the founder of Mama’s Little Guide, called me to make arrangements at Fresh Studios and arranged for the photographer (Heart and Soul Portraits) to meet with us afterward. I was shocked that Fresh Hair Studio was on my route to work and I never noticed it before.  It’s located right near County Line Road on 2nd Street Pike.  The studio is on the second floor of an office building which I suppose is why I never noticed it.  There is plenty of parking in the back, with an entrance in the rear as well. I was given a tour of the studio by Laurie and introduced to Anna, my stylist (a really cool chick).  Anna and I talked about my hair and my hair routine.  I gave her the “ok” to do some highlights and lighten my overall hair color, but nothing drastic.  I was offered coffee.  Now, I don’t go to “salon’s” most of the time but I’ve never been to one that offers coffee!  I knew I was in for an afternoon of total pampering! I was given natural highlights and a 5 minute treatment to lighten my own tone as opposed to dying my hair.  Anna painstakingly weaved in and out of my hair for the foils so that the highlights wouldn’t look “stripy” (which is why I have always been afraid, and never got highlights).  The products that the studio use are all fast-working and I didn’t have to sit under the hair dryer for very long, approximately 5 minutes, which is FANTASTIC (who has time to sit under a dryer?)! After my hair was styled I was taken to meet Barbara from Barbara G Cosmetics.  Barbara waxed my eyebrows and lip and then make-up was applied with carefuldetail to matching and accentuating my own skin tones.  I had never been waxed before and it while the brows were surprisingly painless, the upper lip was painful (and left a major red, itchy rash!).  I will probably NOT wax the upper lip ever again, but, at least now I can say I tried.  I’ve since heard from friends recommendations to bleach instead.

During my makeover, Amy from Heart and Soul Portraits did a photo and video shoot for the print and online versions of Mama’s Lil Guide (the print version should be out soon!).  You can view the video of Fresh and my makeover by clicking here.The prizes that I won were extensive and very generous of all of the contributors.  I can’t wait to start calling and making appointments so that I can enjoy them!

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2 Responses to My makeover……

  1. Love the new do! Congrats on winning too

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