Our Bathroom Renovation (In photographs)

Bathroom Make Over

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any BEFORE photos….we started with a tan wallpaper with green vines and very tiny rose colored flower buds.  The color scheme was green to pick up the green in the wallpaper.  A green carpet and green towels (we alternated with brown towels too).  The large mirror is also already taken down, as are the shower curtain and wood cabinet above the toilet.

We had some drywall water damage which needed t be fixed.  About 1′ x 2′ of drywall was replaced.  In the next photo you can see where my husband repaired the damage.  Same thing was done on the other side of the tub.

Removed the toilet.

There used to be two towel bars here on this wall, one high above the other.  There was one hook near them, for the kids.  It was porcelain and was impossible for the kids to use between being slippery and too high.

The sink and shower are tarped & taped off.

It was so weird to see our bathroom stripped down.  It even sounded weird, hollow. There was nothing left in there to absorb the sounds.  Underneath the wallpaper the walls were a mess.  The people that lived here before us were obviously not perfectionists and used wallpaper to cover up their mess.

Added some blue paint!  It’s kind of dark because the light fixture was taken out.

The next photo is the “mostly” finished product.  We picked up new towels, towel hooks, shower head, curtain and liner, and carpet runner.  My husband is currently upstairs working on the base boards and door trim and will paint the inside of the doors over the course of the weekend.  The tools and cleaners on the counter need to be cleaned off, too.

I am still on the search for a perfect trash can.  I think I also want to find a cute photo to hang next to or above the towel hooks.

Other views:

I really can’t believe this transformation only took a week.  The majority of the work was done over last weekend and odds and ends were taken care of through the week and a few hours today.  We did spend a few hours over the week shopping for the accessories, but in my opinion, that’s the BEST part!!

Hope you enjoyed!  I did!

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2 Responses to Our Bathroom Renovation (In photographs)

  1. amie says:

    looks great! the stripes really set off the blue color. i copied a photo idea from a friend: put bathtime photos of your kids in the bathroom – so cute! good luck!

  2. Girlieeee says:

    Thanks Amie. I love the bath-time photo idea! I should put the kids in the tub with a ton of bubbles and get some shots. 🙂

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