A walk down memory lane…

I was born in Las Vegas, NV. Yes, people ARE, in fact, born and raised there and no, we don’t live in hotels. When I was twelve I moved to this area (NE Philly) and have lived in the area since.

While I’ve spent a lot of my life here, I never found anyone that I could connect with about my childhood, it was only me relating stories about “how it was” for me. When I met my husband he would tell me (and show me) things from his childhood and I could relate because I lived here for a long time.

Problem was, nobody could relate to ME and my childhood. When I visit Vegas I show my family where I was born, my old house and my old stomping grounds, but, nobody really cares. I know it sounds sad but I get it, they’ve seen it before and they can’t relate.

To some extent I can connect with friends here about childhood. We can compare cartoons that we watched, but, we were all limited to Saturday morning cartoons and everyone in the country watched The Smurfs, Transformers, Tom & Jerry, Looney Toons, Mickey Mouse Cartoons, The Jetsons and Thundercats….there weren’t a ton more to choose from.

I know that you might think that I have a very limited view of Vegas because I only lived there until I was twelve. I assure you that I do have so many memories of Vegas and growing up there. Even after I moved here I did visit twice a year, then it weaned to once a year until my dad moved away from there and it is about 2-3 years between our visits now.

So, this brings me to Friday.

On Friday I found a group on Facebook called “You know you grew up in Vegas when…” and I have become HOOKED on it. Finally people I can connect with and share stories and memories of a part of me that I didn’t realize I had bottled up inside of me.

It has been a truly amazing feeling, sharing these memories with other people who feel the same need.

Nobody here knows the stigma that you would have if you were seen at Pick and Save, that the cool clothes to have were Ocean Pacific t-shirts from Millers Outpost, and hearing the Saturday noon siren (which nobody is sure of where it came from but it rang through the whole city.  Some speculate it was from schools, others think it was Air Raid Siren weekly tests from Nellis Air Force Base).  We remember before the original MGM Hotel burned down and seeing a “classic” movie like West Side Story on a couch with a cocktail server bringing you snacks and drinks, as a KID!  How cool is that???

I have also noticed that there are many, many other “You know you’re from…” groups out there.

I can’t really believe that I didn’t “notice” this on the level that it has affected me. It was annoying, yes, but I had no idea what was hiding inside.

Think to yourself for a moment….is there anything that irks you? Something bottled up inside? It’s amazing that I didn’t know it bothered me that much, but the relief I feel is enormous.

Also makes me miss Vegas!

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