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A few weeks ago I saw a friend selling an item on a “garage sale” group in another state. I saw this and thought “What a clever way to buy/sell in your own neighborhood without attracting people from too far outside of the area” (ie: Craigslist, eBay). I also don’t like buying and selling on Craigslist because I just don’t know who is coming to meet me or, an even scarier proposition, COMING TO MY HOUSE! For furniture I admit that I did it, ONCE. I was terrified and made sure to have the dresser BY the door, ready to be taken out and my husband was there.

I decided to start a Central Bucks “garage sale group” on Facebook. It has attracted a good amount of readers/sellers. In less than two weeks there are already 163 fans and I have made my first sale AND two purchases!  I also started a Montgomery County group since MontCo is so close.

I really was hoping to get rid of all the kid stuff my kids are outgrowing but I am also thrilled about finding stuff for them too. I think I need to set a limit of one in one out.

Does 12 books in one sale (out) mean I can get 12 items (in) now??

I would love for you to check out Central Bucks Parent’s Garage Sale and Montgomery County Parent’s Garage Sale and join our great groups.  You can sell or buy gently used items.

My finds so far were a book I posted that I was looking for (Everybody Poops) and a chair booster seat called “Kaboost.”

Paid: $12 for both

Savings: $36

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4 Responses to Buy and sell on “Central Bucks Parent’s Garage Sale” group on Facebook

  1. Raya says:

    Could you possibly start at Lower Bucks one too?

  2. Pallavi says:

    Hi, I have a Facebook account. But I am having trouble uploading image on your above site for lower bucks county. Image is small around 100 pixels. I am not having any trouble uploading the same file on my regular Facebook page. Please help.


  3. Mandy says:

    Hi- i’m having trouble finding the Central Bucks group on Facebook- could you post the link- or invite Mandy Mundy to join please:)

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