I usually don’t do this, but………

Visitors, Friends, and Family:
It’s that time of year again when the Hemispherectomy Foundation has their yearly fundraiser 5K run. The kids & families that are helped by this foundation are just like our son Jordan, they were born with Hemimegalencephaly (and other varying diagnoses) and have little chance to live without a drastic brain surgery called Hemispherectomy which severs the bad half of the brain sending seizure activity through the affected child.  Our son Jordan sadly wasn’t a candidate for this surgery because of an abnormality on the “good” side of his brain and for those of you that don’t know, Jordan died shortly after his 2nd birthday.

This foundation is close to my heart & I love the families and kids that I have met through our very small (but, sadly growing) support group. They feel like family. New children are diagnosed too often and this foundation helps these families before, during, and after surgery (in SO many ways, please check out the website for more details).

If you want to donate $30 to become a “virtual runner” with me (and receive a t-shirt if you register by April 15th), please click the link and click the TAB that says VIRTUAL RUNNER.  The team name is “In Memory of Jordan”. My goal is 10 runners to join me. Last year I had 5 runners on my team.


Thank you!

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