Bucks County Fun Family Events:

Bucks County Fun Family Events is a Blog and Facebook Page which is a source of free or cheap local & national events and activities, deals and discounts on family themed items, and reviews & blogs about everything and anything.

About Jill Laster:

Jill Laster is: a Mom (yes, that deserves capitalization) of two energetic boys, a student at Penn State University for her Bachelors in Business, a customer service representative at the “family business” during the week (www.eHobbyTools.com), the admin of five “Garage Sale” Facebook groups, and a Reviewer/Blogger who resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

From Jill:

The Bucks County Fun Family Events Facebook page started as a way to keep myself organized and to update friends of local events & activities to do with their family.  Imagine my surprise when people started to follow the page!  Needing an additional outlet to write about events, put more information than Facebook would allow, and finding a place to write when the mood struck, a blog was the next logical step in the growth of Bucks County Fun Family Events.

My employment history is in retail, customer service, merchandising, and briefly in web design.  I have an Associates Degree in Business, certification from Penn State University in Web Design, and I am “tech savvy”.


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